Lords Mobile The greed for gem lodes over 1 mil T4 dead

(NEW) Lords Mobile Online Generator

That all for like 400-600 gems… Crazy!


Khali (Wall Trap):

February 24, 2020 Lords Mobile officially released the T5 troops in the game. One of my friend in Lords Mobile game sent me a video of him trying to unlock T5 troops using 2.95M gems. So here is the video and see if 2.95M gems is enough to unlock T5 troops.

This video will somehow guide and teach you as well on how to unlock and build the Foundry Building, how to get the Luminous gear and how to get Lunite resources.

PS. Please watch and understand the full content to avoid getting misinformed.

#LordsMobile #T5 #Ikauna

(NEW) Lords Mobile Online Generator

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